GV Delhi 2006 Has Started!

The summit has just kicked off here in Delhi @ 9:10 AM. We’d like to invite anyoen to participate to join us in our irc channel at irc.freenode.net #globalvoices (or through our custom web irc interface at http://irc.globalvoicesonline.org/chat/irc.cgi

Also feel free to listen to our audio stream at http://globalvoices.streamguys.net:80/listen.pls (iTunes should run it ine, otherwise winamp, xmms and VLC should all be able to play the m3u file)

Hope to see you here, please email Jeremy Clarke if you have any problems streaming the audio or come by the IRC channel and talk to us.

Currently some participants are having issues with connecting to the wifi at the India Habitat Center, but people are finally able to connect to the IRC room, thanks to the Boris & Jeremy @ GV who’s making things happen on the tech side of the conference.


One response to “GV Delhi 2006 Has Started!

  1. plz india new chat room sand me setup thank

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