Session 2 (Part 1): Outreach

Summary: In this session we will explore ways of expanding blogging and online/mobile citizens’ media from being an activity of the elites to include the voices of the less privileged and rural communities. We’ll start by looking at the situation in India and move on to compare it with outreach efforts in other regions.

Ben is talking about Neweurasia, the Outreach session led by Neha Viswanathan. Georgia says that they want the sessions to be interactive. There is going to be funding (fingers crossed) so if anyone has ideas please lets talk about them. Neha states that this session is dedicated to discussing outreach and we have had many discussions about whether we should look at outreach or not. When we discuss outreach, there are some questions, who are we reaching out to, what are we reaching out to, should GV directly engage or become a resournce for outreach.

(IMAGE: Neha & Ben presenting during Session 2.

Blogging is still and exclusive activity, need to be literate, need a good connection, versus resource. Resource is too passive. There are issues of hierarchies in blogospheres. Maybe that global voices facilitates outreach just like this IRC is facilitating my attendance – Beth Kanther via IRC channel.

Introducing Ben Parman now, who has been implementing outreach progs in Central Asia and in the area of training bridge bloggers. Ben says that since 2006 working with transitions online such as

Ben is showing us a map where he has got to, shows us an experiences slide, most easy to get in tune with student-only groups; media folks “overcomplicating” things (MSM vs Blogging) ; logistics where there was no internet during presentation. Lessons learnt slide is displayed now, careful planning for about 2 months a network of bridge bloggers helped with logistics. Follow-up: “train the trainer” as the way ahead, sub points for 2007: TOL and neweurasia to train blogging coaches and proposal for 25 outreach trips in each region.

Everyone goes off for a coffee break at this point.


4 responses to “Session 2 (Part 1): Outreach

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  2. Thanks for the notes! neweurasia can be found at, the link in the post doesn’t lead to our site.

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