About The Conference

Global Voices Online was born at a workshop for international bloggers in 2004, held on the final day of the Votes Bits & Bytes Conference put on by the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School.

The Global Voices Online blog at http://www.globalvoicesonline.org has now emerged as the leading online portal and guide to international blogs beyond North America and Western Europe. It has also become the hub of a growing community of international bloggers who want to build a better global conversation.

Global Voices Online - The World Is Talking, Are You Listening?

The Global Voices Summit, on December 16th, will be our annual opportunity to take stock, come together and explore our central question: How can we use the Internet to build a more democratic, participatory global discourse? How can we create a more inclusive conversation about what is happening on our planet, and how human beings in different parts of the world are impacting each other in countless ways we don’t realize every day?

For more information about last year’s conference in London, please have a look at our summary and read articles about it in the Guardian and openDemocracy, an academic paper about us by the Center for Social Media, and a video titled “Many to Many” which includes footage from our London Summit.

Please click on Resources to learn more about the coverage of this year’s conference and how you may participate. Feel free to contact the GV core team with any questions, doubts or suggestions you may have.


2 responses to “About The Conference

  1. The thing Open democracy is not understood by me…. it is not even concerned with center for social media

  2. this one is the best edition in my opinion …rest all were also good enough

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