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Session 2 (Part 2): Outreach — Cont’d

Summary: A continuation of Session 2

Georgia makes an announcement that a form is being passed around to be filled out by Sami about a Tunisia prison map. Neha asks Ben some questions, Fred you told us about 5 areas, is it more efficient to go to universities and talk to students? Fred answers that central asia is a mountanous region, of the 25 trips next year, 10-15 will be at universities because they have reliable internet connections. Other 10 will be with journalism centres there etc. Universities also have lots of enthusiastic young people.

(IMAGE:Georgia, Rebeeca & Ethan involved in a panel disucssion. PHOTO CREDIT: Jace)

Neha asks, “Did your outreach involve explaining just blogging? or also tackle internet connectivity / access issues?

Ben’s answers that the standard program talks of whats a blog, blogosphere … then privacy issues, freedom of speech etc.

Into the outreach session and Parmesh shahani is talking about the fact that to take over control of means of production; the kinds of stories that come out are v different form what msm reports; we hjust have to look into researching and finding. Adil mentions that whoever just said it’s about voice was right on the money. The same question the media development community dealt with for 20 years; the ict comunity dealt with for less time.

The question of “how is this relevant to me?” is posed. In India, with the Swamiinathan Foundation, there are lots of parallel issues going on. Journalists are encouraged to paty that intermeidary role; the poor and marginalized aren’t going to want to make a 5-min short film; they don’t have access to the literacy or tools to make that kind of content.

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