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Session 1 (Part 1): An overview of GV’s work so far

Summary: a review of the year and a look at moves being made to take us ahead.

Ethan is now reading the manifesto. If anyone has a problem email me at, they’re currently looking at, a picture being displayed of rebecca, georgia and alice getting the knight batten award. Slide being shown of statistics of visits to GV. 9,000 views a day last year, now 36,000, Technorati rankings are 36000 views a day. Next slide shows our sponsors, reuters, macarthur, hivos, knight. We’re now thanking sponsors.

(IMAGE: GV’s co-founders, Rebecca MacKinnon & Ethan Zuckerman introducing everyone to GV Delni 2006. PHOTO CREDIT: Jeremy Clarke)

Reuters continues to be a major supporter, MacArthur too .. and we hope they support us more this year, Hivos and Knight are others. Another slide shows Stichting Global Voices incorporating under Netherlands law. a sister ngo under US law. Board of directors includes authors and editors, the main corporate body will be international – not US, within 6 months – a dutch corp – that will be GV.

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