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Session 1 (Part 2): An overview of GV’s work so far — Cont’d

Summary: A continuation of session 1 – a review of the year and a look at moves being made to take us ahead.

Question by Nikhil from Delhi, India: Just wondering how do you ensure that the system remains truly representative and how do you ensure there is no bias?

Answered by Ethan: We try to do this with the editors we have. Over the next year, with the aggregator there will be the opportunity to view without editing. The challenge there will be is that people can ask why didn’t the editor pick up a story and thats a dialgue we want to encourage.Dina Mehta asks a question from one of the participants via the IRC chanel

(IMAGE:Dina Mehta asking a question during Session 1, from one of the participants via the IRC chanel. PHOTO CREDIT: Jeremy Clarke)

At this point Rebecca invites editors to speak to this issue.

Georgia says, “I hired a Cuban editor who wrote to me and said she GV wasn’t covering cuba”.
David says, “I would want more people to write in to me, more communication”

Question by Bala Pitchandi from New Jersery (Via IRC): What are GV’s short tem and long term goals? And are there any plans to develop the GV networks onto other sub-projects (like a Web based Disaster Relief project)?

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